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Ed Balboni  

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* Watermark does not appear on original photo.

* All photos are original unless otherwise noted.  High quality digital copies are available...e-mail for more information.

*Condition of photos vary.  They are rescued from antique malls, estate sales, garage sales and personal collections. When received, all items are kept in archival quality poly sleeves. Items are not cleaned, written upon or in any way altered by Family History Photo Store.  

*In most cases, with few exceptions, any photos depicting a group of people have a listing for each person, although only ONE photo is available. This is found to be the best way to list them, as many times siblings or spouses have different last names due to marriage, adoption or other reasons.

*Sometimes the name(s) listed on the photo(s) is spelled slightly differently than on records. This may be due to faulty recollection of those recording the info on the photo(s)s or it may reflect a change in spelling made over the years due to language differences or convenience.

* Orders are shipped via USPS First Class Mail.  Orders over $50.00 are insured.

* Genealogy information is given as a guide only and information is not guaranteed. We spend many hours searching censuses and other public documents.  Although we are confident in the identification of the people in the photos, the ultimate decision lies with you.