During the Thanksgiving holiday in 2014 I was visiting my father.  While scanning old family photographs to upload to my family tree, I was filled with the spirit of geneaology.  As I studied the faces of relatives long since passed away, I couldn't help but notice certain traits that we had in common.  Their forehead, nose, eyes, ears, smile, hair - even their demeanor - made me feel as if I was looking at myself in a mirror!

Later we visited an antique mall, as we often do, and I came across a 3-ring binder full of antique photos.  As I browsed through the old photos, I noticed that some of them had names on the back.  Still pondering my experience of earlier, I began to think that someone, somewhere might be very happy to have that photo.  I thought of how nice it would be for someone else to have the same feeling of connection with their ancestors as I had felt with mine.  But how would they even know to look in a back booth at an antique mall in Panama City, FL? 

Then it struck me!  Maybe I could be the one to facilitate a family reunion.  And so it began; a quest to find Family History Photos - a quest to rescue misplaced ancestors!